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Eyebrow Transplant Los Angeles

Eyebrow Transplant Los Angeles

The eyebrows play a more important role in facial appearance that most people realize. In fact, they may be the most important facial feature contributing to a first impression – even more than the eyes. Eyebrows allow for facial expression of thoughts and emotions, and accentuate your unique personal style and personality.

Unfortunately, like the rest of the face, time and life events can take a toll on the appearance of the eyebrows. Years of plucking and waxing, disease, trauma, medical treatments, hormonal changes, and aging can lead to sparse, thinning, asymmetrical eyebrows, and the shape of the brow itself can change significantly over time. Dr. Saul Lahijani's goal is provide patients with the best eyebrow transplant Los Angeles & Beverly Hills has to offer. As such, he is adept at techniques that uses your own hair follicles to enhance and fill in your brow with long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Los Angeles Eyebrow Transplant

Who Is a Good Candidate for Eyebrow Restoration?

Thinning eyebrows can make you look older and feel less attractive, as though a part of what made you attractive is lost. As performed by Dr. Lahijani, eyebrow restoration with the use of your own natural hair is an effective way to bring back fullness to thinning brows, or restore missing eyebrows to recapture a more attractive facial appearance.

Minimally-invasive hair transplantation for eyebrow restoration is designed for men and women who want to:

  • Replace missing eyebrows
  • Fill in sparse or thinning brows
  • Enhance the shape of the brows
  • Achieve natural-looking results that last

How Eyebrow Restoration Is Performed

Eyebrow restoration with hair transplantation is performed as an out-patient procedure in a treatment that may require several hours to complete. First, an outline of the desired eyebrow shape is drawn with a surgical marker, creating an opportunity for feedback, modification, and patient approval. Local anesthetic is administered to numb the donor and treatment areas. A small strip of hair is removed from an inconspicuously located donor area of the scalp.

Our medical team uses high-powered microscopes to dissect the strip of donor hair into individual, single-hair follicular units. Dr. Lahijani places the grafts, one by one, with artistry and precision, in the angle, arch and direction in which the eyebrow hair would grow naturally, transplanting approximately 100 to 400 single hairs or more into each eyebrow. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Eyebrow Transplant Los Angeles: The Results

In the next few months after the hair-grafting procedure, the transplanted eyebrow hairs will fall out as part of a normal 3-stage hair growth cycle (growing, intermediate, resting or shedding). After the resting phase, the hair will to re-grow, leaving a lusher, fuller brow. As the transplanted hairs were harvested from the scalp are and will continue to grow, occasional trimming may be required as the new hairs thrive.

Dr. Saul Lahijani serves the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area, performing minimally-invasive eyebrow restoration procedures to help restore appearance and self-confidence. His cutting-edge surgical techniques, combined with impressive artistry produces outstanding results, enhancing your appearance with a natural-looking brow that lasts. Dr. Lahijani is a native of Southern California and an esteemed plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and hair restoration.


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