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Laser Hair Restoration Los Angeles

Los Angeles Laser Hair Restoration

Laser hair restoration is an effective, non-invasive treatment to stimulate hair growth in men and women with androgenic alopecia (commonly known as male or female pattern baldness). It uses the power of medical grade lasers to revitalize hair follicles and stimulate natural hair growth.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a popular hair restoration procedure today. It is a safe, completely non-invasive procedure with proven results that does not involve punching, incisions, injections, or medications. Dr. Saul Lahijani in Beverly Hills serves the greater Los Angeles area with high-quality laser hair restoration treatments.

How Does Laser Hair Restoration Work?

In laser hair restoration treatment, “cold” or “soft” low-level lasers are used to stimulate re-growth of hair in the targeted areas. These lasers do not emit heat, sound, or vibration and cause no damage to the tissues. Many patients prefer this gentle treatment over more aggressive techniques, or use it to enhance the outcome in other hair transplantation procedures.

Laser hair restoration can be performed in the office or with at-home low-level laser therapy devices. Dr. Lahijani offers two laser hair restoration devices for his patients:

  • Capillus -- a cap you wear at home or under a hat, approved by the FDA for hair restoration treatment on the go; and
  • Theradome – an FDA-approved, hands-free device to treat hair loss at home.

These devices stimulate cellular metabolism, blood circulation, and phototherapy (the use of light to treat physical or mental conditions) within the hair follicle. When used several times a week, these low-level laser treatments can stimulate hair growth and natural hair restoration.

Laser Hair Restoration Los Angeles

Benefits of Laser Hair Restoration

Performed alone or in combination with other treatments, low-level laser therapy can play an important role in treating thinning hair and hair loss. Laser hair restoration has many benefits, including:

  • Stimulates protein synthesis in cells to promote thicker, healthier hair
  • Restores existing hair for natural treatment
  • Stops hair loss for many patients
  • Repairs damaged follicles for increased hair volume
  • Alleviates scalp dryness, peeling, oiliness, itchiness, and irritations
  • Prevents dormancy in newly transplanted hair follicles

Who Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Restoration?

Low-level laser therapy is an effective hair loss treatment for both men and women who have thinning hair or mild to moderate hair loss. Women typically lose hair in a diffuse pattern. This makes them excellent candidates for laser hair restoration, as the technology has been shown to be effective in treating this type of balding. It has also been proven effective in reversing post-menopausal and post-partum hair loss. Men can also benefit from laser hair restoration as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other therapies.

Laser Hair Restoration in Beverly Hills

Dr. Saul Lahijani understands that significant hair loss can have a negative impact on your quality of life. If you are seeking non-surgical treatment to inhibit hair loss and help restore hair volume, he will work with you to tailor a custom hair restoration treatment plan that may include laser hair restoration, platelet rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration, and other minimally-invasive or non-invasive therapies.

Capillus and Theradome in Beverly Hills

Capillus and Theradome are two FDA-approved, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) devices. These treatments use the science of phototherapy (the use of light to treat physical and mental conditions) to help prevent hair loss and stimulate the natural re-growth of thinning hair. Dr. Saul Lahijani offers these treatments in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, with Capillus and Theradome devices to patients with hair loss as part of an individually-tailored hair restoration treatment program.

How Do Low-Level Laser Therapy Devices Treat Hair Loss?

Low-level laser therapy is a painless, non-surgical treatment using “soft” or “cold” lasers that do not emit heat, sound, or vibration. Research has shown, and hair-restoration surgeons agree, that LLLT devices such as the Capillus and Theradome effectively stimulate blood circulation and cellular metabolism.

These hair restoration devices have been shown to be safe when used as directed, with no adverse side effects. Placed on the head for the prescribed length of time and used with the recommended frequency, both Capillus and Theradome have been clinically proven to help prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth in patients with androgenic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness).

Laser Hair Restoration Los Angeles


The Capillus cap provides excellent laser coverage of the scalp during treatment. It is also noted for its convenience of use:

  • Hands-free design makes treatment easy with no effort on the part of the user.
  • Discreet treatment – simply tuck Capillus under a sports cap or hat and go.
  • Recommended treatment time is 30 minutes every other day.
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack that fits in a pocket or attaches to a belt for freedom of movement during treatment.
  • Comes with a lightweight carrying case for easy storage and travel.


The Theradome helmet is one of the safest, most effective hair restoration treatments available. It is hands-free and cordless so you can go about your normal activities during at-home treatments. Treatment time recommended for Theradome is only 20 minutes twice a week.

Outstanding features of the Theradome helmet include:

  • Maximum scalp coverage – treats all areas affected by androgenic alopecia (male or female pattern balding)
  • Optimal scalp penetration – 5 mm follicle depth
  • 678 nm wavelength, clinically proven effective for hair growth
  • Cordless and mobile
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable treatment – generates less than 1° C of heat in a treatment session
  • Timed shutoff makes it easy to keep track of treatment times
Laser Hair Restoration Los Angeles

Los Angeles Hair Restoration with Capillus and Theradome

Low-lever laser therapy devices for at-home use are a revolution in the hair restoration industry as a non-invasive treatment that has clinically proven results. If you have thinning hair or mild to moderate balding, talk with Dr. Saul Lahijani about LLLT hair restoration treatments with Capillus and Theradome. After a consultation and evaluation, Dr. Lahijani can tailor a custom hair restoration treatment plan to help you restore a lusher, thicker head of hair.


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