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While facial hair has become increasingly popular in recent years, sparse hair growth and thinning patches have prevented many men from enjoying the masculine aesthetic benefits of a beard. With state-of-the-art hair transplantation technology, there is no longer a need for men with patchy facial hair to forego growing a healthy-looking beard. Dr. Saul Lahijani has as his singular goal to bring the best beard transplant Los Angeles & Beverly Hills have to offer to his patients. As such, natural-looking fullness is routinely achieved to fill a thin or patchy beard.


Beard restoration is performed on an outpatient basis in a procedure typically lasting 3 to 4 hours. This procedure has becoming extremely popular with the growing appreciation of facial hair on men.

Beard restoration is a specialized technique requiring precision and artistry to augment hair growth in the beard area with natural hair transplantation. The most important step of the procedure is the custom beard design of facial hair pattern and density based on your individual treatment goals, taking care to ensure a natural appearance for new facial hair growth.

The procedure is performed under local anesthetic for your comfort. Donor hair will be harvested from the back of your scalp and hair follicles meticulously placed in the thinning or patchy beard area of the face.

Depending on your custom treatment plan, either one of several cutting-edge techniques may be used to harvest hair from your scalp and transplant it to enhance your beard:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In this method, a precision tool and fine forceps are used to remove individual hair follicles (follicular unit grafts) from the donor site and individually transplant them to the recipient facial area. This technique leaves no linear scar at the donor site and requires no stitches.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)/Strip Method: In an FUT transplant procedure, a strip of hair-containing tissue is removed from the back of the scalp. The strip is then dissected to obtain individual hair follicles to place in the beard area of the face.
  • ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation: The ARTAS Robotic System uses a robot with optical 3-dimensional guidance and a dual punch mechanism to automate the key steps of finding and harvesting follicular unit grafts and creating recipient sites for hair transplants. The robotic system can consistently perform a very high number of grafts per session, as directed by Dr. Lahijani’s specifications that he has programmed into the system.


Men’s facial hair is a secondary sexual characteristic that is playing a greater role in today’s culture with the beards becoming a popular look for men in recent years. Facial hair transplantation has become a more common cosmetic procedure for men. Recent research has shown that women see facial hair as a defining characteristic in determining male facial attractiveness.

Growing a beard can provide protection from the sun, reduce blemishes caused by shaving, trap pollutants and allergens, and help preserve the natural moisture of the skin. For men who have facial hair that is too sparse or patchy to grow an attractive beard, Dr. Saul Lahijani performs custom-tailored beard restoration transplantation procedures to restore a full, natural, masculine appearance to the beard. So contact us today to get arguably the best beard transplant Los Angeles has to offer.